Our aim at SPL International is to "Serve you better". Whether you are a well established distributor or a new business starter, we personalise o...
Unsweetened, distilled, alcoholic beverages that have an alcohol content of at least 30% ABV are called spirits. SPL provides all the ingredients nee...
"Working with SPL has made us realise how poorly some of our other suppliers were treating us!
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Our Manufacturing
Based in a modern 60,000 sq ft manufacturing site in the North West of England, SPL International is a globally recognised benchmark for manufacturing quality in homebrew and the alcoholic drinks industries. The entire organisation lives by their adage of 'Serving you better' evidenced by the fact that they have not lost a customer in over 20 years.

SPL manufactures the majority of products in-house. We believe in-house manufacturing is an important element to ensure consistent quality achieving the highest European standards.

Our manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce in excess of 3,000 tonnes of products per year and we are continuously widening our in-house manufacturing capability to drive down costs, ultimately to guarantee that we offer the most competitive prices to our customers without compromise to quality.

Each in-house manufactured product within the SPL range was originally conceived and researched in SPLís own laboratories, product developed in-house and taken to full scale manufacture. Across all departments we produce some 20 million finished packs each year.

Our facilities include state of the art drying technologies, a wide variety of dry blending operations, a liquid manufacturing plant for clarification agents and extensive packaging operations comprising of sachet, form fill seal, vacuum brick, bulk sack and most recently (2012) we invested GBP £500,000 and installed a new DOY pouch filling line enabling us to package liquid malt extract (LME), soft fruit concentrate and other liquid products.

Our extensive manufacturing process capabilities are supported by teams of highly experienced industry professionals, this coupled with flexible planning gives us the ability to respond quickly to customer enquiries and speedily deliver the finished product.

The health and safety of our employees and of those who come into contact with our operations and products is our highest priority: our goal is clear Ė no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.
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