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BRC Food Certification
The BRC Global Quality Standards specify the requirements to be met by an organisation to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products. It is something that is increasingly recognised as a requirement of manufacturers by many of the world’s leading retailers.

We are very proud and excited to announce that our manufacturing site has been awarded Grade AA - the highest grade possible! This makes SPL one of only 18,000 certified suppliers based across 100 countries around the globe. This is a very important audit for SPL, as it offers a thorough examination of our business’ processes and quality standards - things that we are very proud of and work hard to maintain. See below for why we chose to apply for the BRC Global Standard and the benefits it has for our customers:
• BRC is a global quality standard recognised and respected by thousands of the leading businesses worldwide
• The BRC standard is benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
• It is the toughest and most thorough quality standard to achieve, as opposed to basic quality management systems such as ISO90001 which are not food specific and can be easily obtained and used in any industry. BRC offers an in depth look throughout your entire business involving every employee and business function.
• BRC ensures SPL’s focus is on the monitoring and continuous improvement of our product quality, safety and legality and that we have taken every possible precaution to prevent problems should there ever be a challenge made against one of our products.
• It offers customers the confidence of knowing they are working with a company who has put in place the infrastructure, training and safety measures to ensure their products are manufactured to the very highest standards.
• Many of the world’s leading retailers support the use of the standard, making it easier for SPL customers to pass supplier approval processes.
• The standard involves regular supplier reviews and audits taking place to ensure we only work with trusted suppliers and that their standards and business credentials are healthy, and any potential risks are spotted early.
• It offers customers reassurance that at SPL all staff members are highly trained, not only about our products, but also industry guidelines, legislation and manufacturing procedure. This means our team is always on hand to offer advice, guidance and support with your products.

Click the link below to view or download our current certificate of compliance to BRC standards. You can read more about what the BRC Standard covers here.
Additional Downloads:
Click on a link below to download the file.
BRC Certificate 2017
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