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Our Products

SPL are revered as a market leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality and innovative home brew ingredients and kits.  With both our continual focus on R&D and our commitment to developing recipes using only best quality sourced raw materials available we are able to offer our customers market leading products in the home beer, spirit, wine & cider making categories under their own branding.

From turbo yeasts to complete liquid malt extract beer making kits we have the resources and expertise to help develop, manufacture and supply a multitude of different home brew ingredient products in variety of packaging (plain or pre-printed) or bulk if preffered.

We currently offer:

  • 350+ products & kits for home Spirits and Liqueur making.
  • 300+ products & kits for Wines making.
  • 200+ products & kits for Beers making.
  • 100+ products & kits for Ciders making.

Are you looking for a specific ingredient/product for your home brewing requirements that’s not listed? Please contact us with you enquiry.
(MOQ’s apply, Trade enquiries only, we do not supply direct to retail customers.)

Bulk Products / Commercial Drinks

For bulk product enquiries please contact us for pricing and MOQ’s. Please note not all products are listed on website, however if you are looking for a specific product and can’t find it using the search tool below then please contact us with your enquiry.

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