Over the past 15 years we have developed a comprehensive wine product range to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Our portfolio provides fermenta...

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TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
» Beer
An alcoholic drink made from yeast fermented malt, flavoured with hops. SPL supplies ingredients to aide with the brewing process from fermentation, fining and clarification to also flavourings to adjust the beer to your desired taste.

Since the installation of our DOY pouch production line in 2012 we have the capabilities to develop, manufacture and offer customers complete liquid malt extract beer making kits. At present we have developed and produce over 100+ different beer kit recipes, a list which continues to grow in order to keep pace and meet our customer’s needs. Our kits use the finest brewer's grade liquid malt extracts sourced from around the world, they also include genuine dried brewer’s yeast strains and a large proportion of our kits include hop pellets for dry hopping, this adds extra hop aroma, flavour and character to the finished beer.

Thanks to our highly skilled R&D team and our own dedicated in house master brewer we have the ability to match virtually any beer style that is available, attaining the correct SRMs, EBUs (IBUs) and correct carbonation levels across all the homebrew beer kits that we produce. SPL continues to strive and push the boundaries for progressive homebrewing!

Not only do we have the knowledge and capabilities to develop recipes and kits which may incorporate hop pellets, herbs, spices and fruits within them. We also offer dried brewer’s yeast strains, hop pellets, nutrients, unhopped liquid malt extract and much more.
COLOURINGS Caramel  |  Dark LME
CRUSHED GRAIN Amber Malt  |  Black Malt  |  Brown Malt  |  Brown Malt  |  Cara Red Malt  |  Carafa Special Type 1  |  Carafa Special Type 2  |  Carafa Special Type 3  |  Carapils Malt  |  Chocolate Malt  |  Crystal Dark  |  Crystal Malt  |  Crystal Pale  |  Maris Otter  |  Munich Malt  |  Pale Chocolate Malt  |  Pale Malt  |  Peated Malt  |  Pilsner Malt  |  Roasted Barley  |  Smoked Malt  |  Vienna Malt  |  Vienna Malt  |  Wheat Malt
FERMENTABLES Damerrera   |  Dextrose Monohydrate (Brewing Sugar)  |  Invert Sugar - Brown  |  Invert Sugar - Pale  |  Maltodextrin
FININGS Irish Moss
FLAVOURINGS (DRY) Bourbon Barrel Oak Chips  |  Sherry Barrel Oak Chips  |  Wine Barrel Oak Chips
FLAVOURINGS (LIQUID) Bourbon  |  Chocolate  |  Maple Syrup  |  Oak  |  Roasted Coffee  |  Rum  |  Tequila  |  Vanilla
HOP PELLETS (AMERICAN) Apollo  |  Bullion  |  Cascade  |  Centennial  |  Chinook  |  Citra  |  Cluster  |  Columbus  |  Comet  |  Crystal  |  El Dorado  |  Galena  |  Liberty  |  Mt Hood  |  Nugget  |  Simcoe  |  Sorachi Ace  |  Summit
HOP PELLETS (EUROPEAN) Admiral  |  Boadicea  |  Bramling Cross  |  Brewer's Gold  |  Celeia  |  Challenger  |  Dana  |  Goldings  |  Hallertau  |  Hersbrucker  |  Manarina Bavaria  |  Mittlefruh  |  Perle  |  Polaris  |  Saaz  |  Styrian Goldings  |  Target  |  Tettnang / Tettnanger
HOP PELLETS (NEW ZEALAND) Motueka  |  Nelson Sauvin  |  Pacific Gem  |  Pacifica  |  Wakatu
LIQUID MALT EXTRACT Dark  |  Extra Dark  |  Light  |  Medium  |  Wheat
MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Heading Powder  |  Isomerised / Isomerized Hop Extract (Iso Hop Extract)
WATER TREATMENT Burton Water Salts  |  Calcium Chloride  |  Calcium Sulphate  |  Magnesium Sulphate  |  Sodium Bicarbonate
YEASTS Bavaria Wheat  |  Belgian Ale  |  Bohemia Lager  |  British Ale  |  Burton Union  |  Newcastle Dark Ale  |  Universal Beer  |  US West Coast
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