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» Turbo Yeast
SPL founder, Philip Jones first developed turbo yeasts and brought them to market over 20 years ago.

We have since developed a wide range of Turbo Yeasts for use in both the homebrew and commercial alcoholic drinks sectors, in various packaging formats to suit your needs.

Please see below for further product information, or contact a member of our sales team to discuss your specific requirements here.
TURBO YEASTS Fruit Turbo Yeast   |  High Purity Turbo Yeast  |  Rum Turbo Yeast  |  Temperature Tolerant Batch Turbo Yeast  |  TY24 Fast Fermenting Turbo Yeast  |  TY48 High Alcohol Turbo Yeast  |  Vodka Turbo Yeast  |  Whisky Turbo Yeast
Turbo Yeasts are fast fermenting distiller’s yeasts for use in the production of alcoholic beverages.

They can be used to produce 96% potable alcohol, or can be used to create spirits, liqueurs or flavoured alcoholic beverages. Combined with complete nutrition, our Turbo Yeast range contains products suited to various fermentation conditions, facilities, sugar sources and ABV requirements; no matter what your fermentation requirements we’re confident we have a suitable product.