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TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
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The brand name defined: pathfinder; noun “a person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or way”. We’ve been developing, manufacturing and supplying innovative yeast and fermentation products for over 20 years and felt the name was befitting both to ourselves and our customers' approach to brewing and distilling.

The brand is built around the three core values being; cutting edge innovation, finest quality ingredients and world class manufacturing. These are the commitments we make to all of our products and those which have seen them used by some of the world’s leading commercial brewers and distillers. These same products are now being made available in the Pathfinder brand for home users too, covering a range of Turbo Yeasts and ancillary products.

Available in a variety of packaging sizes to suit everyone from homebrewers to small and large scale brewers and distillers; Pathfinder is the brand that can stay with your customers, no matter how grand, or small their alcohol production aspirations, delivering quality and reliability every time.
TURBO YEASTS TY00  |  TY147  |  TY20:40  |  TY24  |  TY48®
All products available in urea inclusive and urea free formulations

If you are interested in becoming a Pathfinder wholesaler/distributor for your territory please contact us to discuss your requirements with our Sales Team.
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