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A fermented alcoholic beverage that is made from apples (or pears). SPL supplies ingredients to aide with the processing of fruit, fermentation of th...
» Liqueurs
Liqueurs are high-alcohol, high-sugar beverages with added flavourings. SPL provide ingredients needed to transform your beverage ethanol or alcobase (for cream liqueurs) into a liqueur of your choice. With the advancements in technology over the past 20 years SPL has been at the forefront in developing liqueur flavourings. SPL can supply flavourings and yeasts in both bulk and smaller sachets, aiding in the production of liqueur making at home. We also supply nutrients, carbons, clarification aids and cream bases (for cream liqueurs) to enable you make your desired liqueur.
COLOURINGS Anthocyanin Liquid  |  Blackcurrant Blend  |  Brilliant Blue  |  Caramel - Negative  |  Carantho  |  Quinoline Yellow  |  Sunset Yellow
FLAVOURINGS Amaretto Compound  |  Apricot Brandy Compound  |  Cacao  |  Cherry Brandy Compound  |  Chocolate Mint Compound  |  Coconut Rum  |  Coffee Rum Compound  |  Irish Cream Compound  |  Orange Brandy Compound  |  Peach Schnapps
MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Glucose Syrup (Low DE)  |  Powdered Creamer
Please refer to either our beverage ethanol or alcobase sections if you require ingredients for this initial stage of alcohol production, by clicking on the link below.
Alco Base
Beverage Ethanol