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TY48 is the only yeast product that will ferment pure sugar to 20%ABV high quality alcohol base.
» Alco Base
SPL can provide you with all of the ingredients required to produce Alcobase (commonly known as fermented wash, beer or base alcohol) which is a neutral fermented alcoholic base that can be used to make flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs) and also cream liqueurs.
ACTIVATED CARBONS Carbon GC  |  Carbon PD  |  Carbon PX
CLEANSERS / STERILISERS Chlorine Cleanser/Steriliser
ENZYMES Glucoamylase  |  High Temp Alpha Amylase  |  Pectolase Macer
FINING AND CLARIFICATION AIDES Chitosan Liquid  |  Gelatine Special (Dry)  |  Gelatine Special (Liquid)  |  Granular Sodium Bentonite  |  Silica Sol
MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS Activated Silicon Dioxide  |  Antifoaming Agent - Liquid
NUTRIENTS 22% Nutrient  |  Complete Nutrient  |  Diammonium Phosphate  |  Monopotassium Phosphate  |  Trace Nutrient  |  Urea
PRESERVATIVES AND STABILISERS Anti Oxidant Liquid  |  Ascorbic Acid  |  Potassium Metabisulphite  |  Potassium Sorbate  |  Sodium Metabisulphite
YEASTS 22% Turbo Yeast  |  Ethanol TT Yeast  |  Fruit Turbo Yeast   |  High Purity Turbo Yeast  |  Puraferm LC Yeast  |  Puraferm Turbo Yeast  |  Rum Turbo Yeast  |  Temperature Tolerant Batch Turbo Yeast  |  TY24 Fast Fermenting Turbo Yeast  |  TY48 High Alcohol Turbo Yeast  |  TY96 Vodka Turbo Yeast  |  Whisky Turbo Yeast
This section contains ingredients for making your alcohol, if you would like flavourings, colourings or any other ingredients required to transform your alcohol into a spirit, liqueur or flavoured alcoholic beverage then please follow the appropriate links below.
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages
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