"We were faced with a big problem in 2006 when urea was banned for use in Australasia and one of our main product lines f..."
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How We Work
Our aim at SPL International is to "Serve you better".

Whether you are a well established distributor or a new business starter, we personalise our approach to suit your individual needs.

We enjoy and embrace challenges, so encourage and welcome our customers to share their ideas. Working together to then make this idea become a reality, is where all the fun begins.

Typical Progression of a New Customer

  1. We determine what drink(s) or homebrew products you would like to produce and what facilities you have available.
  2. Our R&D Team will then develop new recipes and produce trials to achieve optimum product quality.
  3. You will then be provided with an opportunity to sample the finished product and a competitively priced quote.
  4. If you are happy with both sample and quote provided, we will then assist you with full support to translate this vision into reality 'holding your hand' through packaging solutions, instructions, suggested marketing text, legality issues and will advise/assist you with artwork creation.
We are passionate about providing our customers with everyday needs and innovative solutions. We have an inherent commitment to R&D and work closely with our customers on various customer specific projects. For example R&D projects which enable customers to develop new products, improve quality, solve problems, improve efficiency or reduce costs.
SPL Laboratory & Technical Support

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