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Congener Technology
Congeners can best be described as those compounds other than ethanol that the yeast produces as waste/by-product throughout fermentation. Such compounds invariably add flavour, aroma and mouthfeel characteristics to alcohol especially where simple distillation/rectification equipment is employed such equipment being unable to separate and remove many of these congener compounds.

Through the work with transciptone/metabolone SPL gained an in depth understanding of more than 600 congener compounds with associated understanding of which genes are responsible for such congener formation. The current project will build upon this knowledge and produce a number of new outcomes.

The entire SPL product range seeks to achieve a number of objectives all with the ultimate goal of producing high quality pure alcohol without using sophisticated distillation/rectification equipment. Pure alcohol can then be flavoured into commercial quality spirits and liqueurs. SPL achieves such objectives through;
Reducing congener formation during fermentation by selecting yeast strains demonstrated to produce low congener levels.
Removing the need to use molasses, grain, yeast extract and blood related products (where required by the customer) by providing a chemically pure defined nutrition system which allows pure sucrose sugar to be used.
Use of SPL developed products to absorb congeners during fermentation.
Use of SPL clearing agents to remove solids after fermentation.
Use of SPL granulated activated carbons for filtration of the distilled alcohol to remove remaining congeners.
Addition of SPL flavourings to convert pure alcohol into commercial spirits and liqueurs.
The current project will use cutting edge analytical chemistry tools such as GC-MS, GC and HPLC to further profile and categorise these congeners throughout the entire SPL process. Identifying congeners produced during fermentation, removal by absorbents during fermentation, removal by clarification agents, identify which congeners are carried across during distillation/rectification looking at a various of different distillation apparatus, and finally identify congeners removed or remaining after treatment using SPL activated granular carbons.

Project outcomes will include a range of new post distillation absorbent products including ion exchange and macromolecular sieves for use alongside the current traditional filtration absorbents. Such new absorbents will be engineered to specifically trap target congeners that cannot be removed by the existing process.
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