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Our Laboratory
Technical Support

We provide high level technical support for all of our new and existing customers.

From simple telephone queries through to emergency technical analysis, our technical team will always be on hand to answer your questions, provide advice and assist you in solving problems promptly.
SPL Laboratory Facilities
Shimadzu GC-2014 Gas Chromatograph
Including auto sampler with headspace and liquid injection capabilities.

Sartorius Biostat A+ 5L Bioreactor
Featuring temperature control, agitation and aeration facilities, pH monitoring and control, DO monitoring and full logging facilities.

Carl Zeiss Primo Star Microscope
Up to 100x magnification and phase contrast on 40 x magnifications.

Speco Turbidity Meter
Used to monitor clarification profile during for clearing investigations.

Allows for quick and accurate determination of various aspects of fermentation systems/products including but not limited to total acidity, free and total sulphur dioxide.

Use for accurate determination of specific gravity of fermentations.

2 Dedicated Water Bath Fermenters and a Range of Fermenters up to 25L
Capability to run temperature controlled fermentations used to determine ingredients recipe based on customers' raw materials.

Distillation Equipment (Bench Top, Medium Reflux and (lab scale) Column Distillation Unit)
Ability to distil customersí recipes into a spirit or potable ethanol as part of a new product development project.

Carbon Columns
Allow us to research and experiment with activated carbons to optimise customers drink quality.

Used for a variety of investigations such as colour, or bitterness.
All For Free
There is no charge for these services. Our goal is to establish confidential long term relationships. Our customers stay because of our commitment to quality, service and fair pricing - as evidenced by not losing a customer in over 20 years.
Our customerís loyalty is our greatest reward.
Turbo Yeast
Beverage Ethanol
Alco Base
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages
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