TY96 Vodka Turbo Yeast – FAQ’s

TY96 Vodka Turbo Yeast – FAQ’s

TY96 has been designed specifically for the production of high purity vodka spirit. Developed on-site in our state of the art laboratory, TY96 comprises a specialist active dried vodka distiller’s yeast, blended with a complete nutrient complex which allows the fermentation of wheat grains, potatoes and refined sugar solutions such as sucrose and glucose up to 14% ABV.

TY96 is used by distillers around the world due to its ability to perform under various fermentation conditions whilst maximising alcohol yield through excellent sugar to ethanol conversion.

We’ve answered some of the top FAQs for this product below:

Why is TY96 particularly suited to vodka production?

The distiller’s yeast we selected for TY96 is a particularly low-congener strain that produces an optimally clean alcohol base of high purity. The spirit distilled from this base is super-clean and neutral, and therefore ideal for vodka production.

Can TY96 be used for any other alcoholic beverages?

TY96 can also be used to create any alcoholic base that requires a clean and neutral spirit as a base such as gin, flavoured vodkas, or to produce potable alcohol.

However other turbo yeast products in our range might be better suited to these applications, if you are unsure about which turbo yeast would be best suited to your requirements, please ask a member of our technical team.

Which fermentation substrates should I be using with TY96?

TY96 is suited to ferment a range of substrates including refined sugars such as glucose or sucrose solutions, however best results are achieved when using wheat, grains or potatoes.

Under what process conditions can I use TY96?

Optimum results come from maintaining liquid fermentation temperature between 24-27°C however due to its high temperature tolerance you can ferment up to 32°C. Please note a purer alcohol is produced at lower temperatures, however will take longer to ferment.

How quickly will TY96 ferment?

Depending on dosage and temperature, TY96 can ferment up to 14% ABV within 5-7 days.

What production volumes can TY96 be used for?

TY96 can be used for small or large scale production volumes, simply scale up the dosage for larger volumes as per the instructions on the products page.

Are there any other fermentation products I need when using TY96?

TY96 combines all necessary nutrition and enzymes required to ferment refined sugar solutions such as glucose or sucrose so there is no need for additional products here, however if you are fermenting potatoes or grain, you will also need alpha amylase enzyme which we can also supply upon request. This enzyme is used to break down the starch in grains/potatoes into dextrins for TY96 to process.

Is there a urea-free version of this product available?

Yes, we can supply urea-free versions of all our turbo yeast products.

We hope these FAQs have answered any questions you might have about TY96 Vodka Turbo Yeast, however please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

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