Sustainability Update – Zero Waste to Landfill

Sustainability Update – Zero Waste to Landfill

The Sustainability Committee formed earlier this year, has focused on five main areas to drive SPL to become a sustainable business. These five ‘pillars’ of sustainability are; Corporate Social Responsibility, Carbon Footprint, Partners & Products, People, and Waste.

As a manufacturer of a vast range of products for both homebrew and commercial alcoholic drinks industries, a huge amount of material comes in and out of our 60,000 square foot site every day, and it’s imperative that we strive to reduce waste in all areas. From developing and testing new and existing products, sourcing efficient packaging solutions, implementing paperless communications, and incentivising the reduction of individual waste, there’s a lot of opportunity for waste reduction.

It’s estimated that office waste alone costs UK business £15 billion a year, not to mention the environmental effect it has on the planet. Therefore this year we have continued to implement changes that reduce or eliminate our waste. Our biggest achievement in this area this year, was in becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill Business, achieved through changing and working with a new waste service provider, Biffa, who confirmed last month that none of our site waste ends up in landfill.

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